Leek plants


Lenders BV is an international company with cultivation locations in Morocco, Portugal and  Kessel in the Dutch province of Limburg. Our leek plants are available from week 8 up to and including week 33. Because of years of experience and our close cooperation with information agencies and cultivation advisors we can offer our customers high-quality uniform leek plants.

We offer you the following choice:
From Morocco: week 8 – week 18 (or earlier on demand)
From Portugal: week 13 – week 21
From our greenhouse: week 9 – week 20
From our tunnel: week 21 – week 24
From outdoor cultivation: week 24 – week 33


Leek plants from Morocco

Since 2001 we have grown leek plants in Morocco. Every year in November we make preparations to sow your leek plants. It is because of the climate that we can deliver leek plants in excellent condition as early as week 8.

Because of the long days, the abundance of sunlight and the high temperatures we can grow the   small leek plants outside. They are perfect for the earliest culture. The plants are thick, firm and uniform and have a well-developed root system. This makes them particularly suitable for further growth.

Apart from the leek plants we can also deliver super seedlings from Morocco. These are strong plants with a great growth potential. They are grown in tunnel greenhouses and are available from week 8 up to and including week 16.

The plants are harvested by hand in Morocco and they are carefully packed, standing upright in wooden boxes with enough room for ventilation. Then the plants are being cooled in a professional cold store and prepared for transportation. Four days after harvest the leek plants are already available in The Netherlands.

Leek plants from Portugal

You can also choose leek plants grown from our site in Portugal. On this location we have tunnel greenhouses in order to be able to deliver leek plants from week 13/ 14 onwards. Furthermore we can deliver outdoor plants from week 14/ 15 onwards.

The huge amount of sunlight and the high temperatures in Southern- Europe create stable , firm plants that have great growth potential. The plants are grubbed, immediately cooled in a cool store and prepared for transportation to The Netherlands.  Only 2 to 3 days later the leek plants are available to you.

Leek plants from our Kessel location (The Netherlands)

From our cultivation location in Kessel we can offer you early leek plants (from the greenhouse and the tunnel greenhouses) as well as outdoor leek plants for your autumn and winter leek.

Since 2000 we have cultivated 2,3 and 4 cm soil block plants and super seedlings in our 1 hectare  heated  greenhouse .The greenhouse plants are powerful, uniform and  flexible in planting and harvest planning . They are available from week 9 up to and including week 20.

To offer continuity in your cultivation between the leek plants from Portugal and from our modern heated greenhouse on the one hand and the outdoor plants on the other hand, we can deliver in the bridging period leek plants from plastic tunnels .These are being cultivated with the utmost care and they are available from week 21.

To be able to guarantee an excellent and uniform high-quality product, the leek plants that are growing outside are immediately covered after sowing with acrylic cloth. In this way we can create a more gradual transition between outdoor plants and tunnel plants. This will enable you to offer an optimal product to your customer. As you can see we monitor the optimal cultivation of your leek plants from start to finish.

Varieties of leek plants


Because of years of experience and our close cooperation with seed producers and cultivation advisors, you can rely on us to give the right advice in your choice of plants. You can always call us for advice.

Shafton Krypton
Duraton Megaton
Belton Nunton
Poulton Longton
Lexton Linkton
Pluston Aylton
Vitaton Harston
Rally Striker
Curling Skater
Biker Keeper
Fencer Lincoln
Surfer Jumper
Sumstar Varnastar
Gostar Likestar
SV 3192 ZE SV 3225 ZL
SV 3274 ZL Galvani
Chinook Comanche
Gevaria Cherokee
Autora Stromboly

Other varieties on demand..

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