Other plants

Rhubarb plants

In the field of early rhubarb cultivation Lenders BV also has had a good reputation for years. We have two varieties in our assortment:  Frambozen rood and Goliath.

Frambozen rood is the ideal species for production intended for the fresh market in the summer, but also for the early harvest in the spring by means of covering the plants with plastic. Frambozen rood can also be planted in the autumn particularly in the month of September.

Goliath is the species for early cultivation in greenhouses and barns during winter. Furthermore the species is suitable for industrial cultivation because it gives a very good yield.

Frambozen rood and Goliath are available from February to mid-April.

Courgette plants

Lenders BV is a supplier of courgette plants in particular to regional cultivators. We can take care of the early cultivation in 4 or 5 cm soil blocks. All current varieties are available. It is also possible to deliver the seed itself.

Lenders BV can produce plants for the early summer or late cultivation. This means that planting is possible from mid-April up to and including July.

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